Do you deliver into my area?


Our delivery covers a 10 miles radius of Wimbledon.  We do go outside this area but fuel surcharge applies.



How many people can the hot tub accommodate?


Our hot tubs are designed to take 4 / 6 adults and we also have smaller tubs designed for 2 / 4 adults.



How much space will I need?


You will need a space of about 7feet x 7feet. If hiring a Gazebo you will need a space in excess of 3m x 3m.


Where can I have the hot tub installed?


 Outside location, patio, garden or rooftop .


How do you fill the hot tub?


We fill the hot tub using your cold and/or hot water mains.


How long does it take to reach the required temperature?


Six to Eight hours in the summer, 12 hours in Winter.


Do I need anything else to set up the Hot Tub?


Yes. We advise that you pre-plan where you want the Hot Tub to be set-up. As the Hot Tub requires both power and water, we ask that you make sure the Hot Tub has access to a hose and an extension cable, or alternative power socket. Although our Hot Tubs are flexible once deflated, we also ask that you make sure we have full access to where the Hot Tub needs to go.


Does the Hot Tub need to be connected all the time?

Only when being used



How much does the hot tub weigh?

When empty the hot tub weighs 115 kilos. (250 lb)
When full the hot tub can weigh 1275 kilos. (2800 lb)


How does the hot tub maintain its temperature?

In order to maintain a constant temperature, the hot tub needs to be connected to a 13 amp electricity supply and the cover should be kept on the tub when not in use.


What about the electrical safety?


The hot tub is supplied with a residual safety device (RCD) for your comfort and safety.


40°C Rapid Heating System

The pump contains a rapid heating system that heats the water up to a blissful 40°C. With our latest integrated technology you can heat the hot tub, run the massage system and filter the water simultaneously using just the pump.


How do we check the water quality?


We issue a full set of written instructions as well as verbal instruction on delivery.  We include a full chemical kit to ensure that your water is sanitised, clear and safe.


Do we need any special electrical or plumbing requirements?


No.  All you need is a standard cold water tap and a 13 amp socket.


What water temperature will the hot tub go to?


The most popular temperature is between 36 to 39 degrees.


How are the hot tube keep clean?


We use chlorine to sanitise the water. The hot tub also has a filter system to drain any particles from the water to ensure it stays clean. Once we collect the hot tubs, they are deep cleaned before being hired out again.

Do I need to have a shower before getting in the hot tub?

Yes you do. This helps keep the water clean and means you have a better and healthier hot tub experience.


Can i drink / smoke in the Hot Tub?

Although we understand that many people will want to smoke and drink in the Tub we ask that no glasses are brought into the Hot Tub and a no smoking policy is adhered to. The reason we do this is to prevent damage to our Hot Tubs and damage to your guests / family members. After all who would want to use a Hot Tub with broken glass in it.